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Location: US, NJ/NY/VA

I run the AOLserver Wiki at Panoptic. If there are any problems with it, abuse me.

My blog is at aka Dossy's Blog -- I try to post regularly (at least once a day, minimally once a week) and I often try to post about AOLserver-related matters.

My current AOLserver-related projects are to:

  • Ensure we meet all our goals and milestones for the AOLserver Project according to the published 2004 Roadmap.
  • Start formalizing the testing/QA procedures and pre-release checklist that will go into every release: How are releases tested?
  • nssic -- the Server Inter-Connect module

The following items are old and need to be updated:

  • Stress-test and release version 0.6 of nsmysql (an internal database driver for MySQL)
  • Write a configuration tool which will manage and generate nsd.tcl files
  • Work on the AOLserver Packages - Binary distribution of AOLserver in the many popular package mangement formats like RedHat's RPM, Debian's .deb, FreeBSD's ports, Solaris's .pkg
  • Write a server-side session management module, nssession
  • Clean up version 0.1pre of nsfreetds (an internal database driver that connects to Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase using FreeTDS 0.51)


I'm starting to collect articles written about AOLserver that are available on the web. Eventually, these will move to their own wiki page:

Just saving a funny joke that's really relevant to the work I do: see if it happens again.

My current scratch pad or whiteboard contents:

Current idiom:

   set lock [ns_mutex create lock]
   ns_mutex lock $lock
   catch {
       # synchronized code here
   ns_mutex unlock $lock

Proposed change:

   set lock [ns_mutex create lock]
   ns_mutex eval $lock $script

Dossy's Blog

Here's the three most recent RSS entries from my blog. This is just testing out a MediaWiki 1.5 extension I'm working on:

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