AOLserver 4 on Debian

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Some quick and easy steps to getting AOLserver 4 up and running on Debian 3.1:

# install aolserver4
apt-get install aolserver4

# optional: to get ns.h and makefiles to build your own custom C or C++ modules
apt-get install aolserver4-dev

# optional: to get some potentially useful documentation, should you choose to read it
apt-get install aolserver4-doc

# optional: module: Tcl API for AOLserver Caches
apt-get install aolserver4-nscache

# optional: module that implements IMAP4 interface
apt-get install aolserver4-nsimap

# optional: module for LDAP
apt-get install aolserver4-nsldap

# optional: module: module for SSL mode -- beta module for OpenSSL
apt-get install aolserver4-nsopenssl

# optional: module: Postgres connector 
apt-get install aolserver4-nspostgres

# optional: module: performs SHA1 hashes -- warning, the SHA1 hash it provides is not to spec
apt-get install aolserver4-nssha1

# optional: Module for XML support
apt-get install aolserver4-nsxml

After installing the package(s) you want:

/etc/init.d/aolserver4 start

And you are running AOLserver. Congratulations. To make changes to your configuration file, visit:


To view your server log, visit:


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